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Research & Study Abroad Programs

CATHALAC offers research and study abroad programs focused on various issues related to CATHALAC's work areas: integrated watershed management, climate change, environmental modeling and analysis, and risk management. The topics included in the different study abroad program include: climate change, sustainable development, environmental management, and climate modeling in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Participants of CATHALAC's Study Abroad Programs receive professional training, hands-on learning, cultural immersion, and embark on experiencing how different environmental issues influence the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

During the study abroad programs, students learn research methodologies and technologies to analyze climate change's impacts on natural and human systems in Latin America and the Caribbean gaining the necessary knowledge and skills that help them better understand how to participate and conduct projects that can contribute to the sustainable development of the region
Currently, CATHALAC offers study abroad programs with different important universities from the United States, such as: University of Alabama in Huntsville, Auburn University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and collaborates with Texas Christian University, Tulane University among others.

The Benefits of Studying Abroad:

• Specialized interdisciplinary training in new, emerging fields related to climate change and sustainable development.
• Study at a globally recognized international organization, gain knowledge, and professional skills.
• Enhance technical and scientific knowledge through practical hands-on experience.
• Develop critical-thinking skills.
• Learn about a different culture.
• Learn about your own culture.
• Broaden your perspectives.
• Learn to be tolerant.
• Learn about the diversity of the world.
• Develop new ideas.
• Life changing experience!

To learn more about the different Study Abroad Programs, please click on the program of your interest.

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